Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feb.-Mar. articles in the media

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Feb.-Mar., regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

Goverment's pension manga displays some pretty old values

Evangelion fan bid to re-create lunar 'spear' scene held up by controversy

‘Akira’ artist Otomo wins top French comics prize

Nonprofit's manga raises awareness of teen sexual exploitation in Japan

A-bomb manga 'Barefoot Gen' published in Arabic in Egypt

'The Anime Encyclopedia' goes full digital

Cartoon worlds collide as 'The Simpsons' meet 'Akira' in 'Barkira'

Daily Yomiuri

A cotton monster's sweet flight

Hosoda's latest work pairs boy with monster

Anime becomes part of fans' lives

Russian anime wins grand prize

Maon Kurosaki bridges this world, anime world through song

Okazaki's edgy manga comes of age

A twist on female superheroes

Overcoming the waves (Otomo Mural)

Can Ikebukuro continue to fascinate young women?

Something for everyone at AnimeJapan 2015


Ex-Kara member Jiyong to make film debut in 'Assassination Classroom'

'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya' wins Best Animated Feature Film award at APSA

Hayao Miyazaki joins volunteer effort to clean 'Totoro' forest

'Slam Dunk' photo op near Kamakura rail crossing draws fans from afar

'Evangelion' producer to open anime studio, museum in rural Fukushima

'Gundam: The Origin' series to premiere on Feb. 28

Local communities erect manga/anime statues with tourists in mind

Agricultural manga, novels about teenage farmers sprouting up all over Japan

Peace song based on poem by 'Barefoot Gen' artist now downloadable

Second half of 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders' returns to TV

New 'Naruto' movie to make leap onto U.S. screens in February

Tezuka museum to screen new chapter of manga giant's 'The Legend of the Forest'

Female otaku stake new anime 'holy ground' in Tokyo's Ikebukuro

'Attack on Titan'-themed escape game planned for U.S.

Details on 3 Project Itoh films bound to please die-hard fans

Soseki portrait by manga pioneer Ippei a hidden treasure at venerated Kyoto inn

Oita museum to host 'Attack on Titan' exhibition in August

'Chibi Maruko-chan' episodes now simulcast on Chinese websites

Giant 'recovery' artwork by ‘Akira’ creator Otomo unveiled for public

Niigata to open shared house to help aspiring female manga artists

Classic cameras, manga babes a picture-perfect match at TokyoCamera Museum

'Ema' tablets featuring 'Beyond the Boundary' heroine sell out at Nara Temple

Images burst into life in 'Appleseed Alpha'

'Evangelion' spear to rocket to moon to fete anime's 20th anniversary

'Akira' creator hopes airport mural will serve as reminder of 3/11 for children

Season 2 of 'Attack on Titan' due in 2016

Yubari film festival to mark 25th year with director Omori to head jury

Life-size chocolate manga figures reflect Japan's changing Valentine's Day tradition

'Kofuku Graffiti'-themed tram runs through Kyoto

Goro Miyazaki: Anime director pursues something his ‘genius’ father doesn’t have

AnimeJapan 2015 to add events for younger fans

Fact-inspired manga to warn teens about sex crimes

'Naruto' says sayonara with 72nd and final manga volume

Japanese pop culture from past 25 years to showcase at Tokyo Museum

'Robot Girls Z' second season to start in spring

'Gundam: The Origin' set for worldwide simultaneous release

Doraemon, other statues to mark reopening of Kawasaki Athletics Stadium

Anime films topping 1 billion yen shrink to 8 in 2014

Nieces' cute graffiti answer to Shinto priest's prayers at 'snake shrine'

Exhibition on director Makoto Shinkai to embark on 3-year China tour

'Astro Boy' live-action film in pipeline

City in Akita plans to create 'world's best' manga museum

Homemaker dad manga 'Cooking Papa' set to celebrate 30th year in print

Egyptian scholar translates 'Barefoot Gen' into Arabic to return the favor to Hiroshima

'Frozen,' 'Yokai Watch' nominated in Anime of the Year

Fans to get new 'Sailor Moon Crystal' series in April

New 'Saint Seiya' anime series to premiere online in Spring

'One Piece' pirate smiles down from Tokyo Tower to mark theme park opening

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