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Lupin III DVD series, vol. 01 review

Back when the serialized bi-weekly Gegege Kitaro DVD magazines were coming out, I bemoaned the fact that the one anime I really wanted to watch is Lupin III. While the Lupin OAVs and movies are available for rent or purchase, the TV series has been much harder to find, especially since it's rarely rerun on TV. Well, lo and behold, Kodansha started releasing the first 2 seasons as a biweekly magazine. Unfortunately, although the first volume was a cheap 780 yen ($7 USD), all the remaining issues will be 1580 yen apiece. Given that there will be 45 volumes total, that's close to $650. I don't think I'm that dedicated a collector... On the other hand, Book Off had the first 13 volumes of Kitaro 6 months after that magazine started, so I'm going to be patient and see if I can get them used for half price.

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Lupin III DVD series, vol. 01
The magazine starts out strong, with a double-sided fold out poster, a short interview with Monkey Punch, a list of the first 100 episodes, a series timeline, synopses of the 4 episodes on the DVD, and LOTS and LOTS of artwork.

(One of the foldout posters.)

(One half of the series timeline.)

(Description of the feature character: Lupin.)

(Episode 1 synopsis, "Lupin is Burning?...")

(Lupin demonstrates that he can't be arrested that easily. Bottom half: How to hit the bull's eye 100 times out of 100 - shoot first, and draw in the targets afterward.)

There's also a reprint of the first Kodansha TV manga (a print version of the TV anime episodes), that was published in 1978. Most of the pages are just short 2-4 panel gags that are very similar to Mad magazine's Spy vs Spy.)

(Monkey Punch interview.)

DVD episodes (Season 1):
ep. 1, Rupan ha Moeteiruka...?! (Lupin is Burning...?!) 10/24/71
ep. 2, Majitsushi to Yobareta Otoko (The Man Called a Magician) 10/31/71
ep. 3, Saraba Aishiki Majo (Goodbye Dear Witch) 11/7/71
ep. 4, Datsugoku no Chansu ha Ichido (One Chance for a Prison Break) 11/14/71
Interview with Monkey Punch, Part 1

Comments: If you like 70's era anime, then you want to get the Lupin III DVDs. Good stuff. (Assuming you can afford it...)

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