Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Tale of Two Tickets

A few days ago, I'd gone to the Kaldi import and coffee store, and on a whim I bought a Wonka chocolate bar. I ate half on the way home, and put the package away until the next day. That morning, I had to get up early to teach some English lessons, and as I was getting ready to leave, I checked the GoComics website. Their editor's blog had an announcement for an Easter Egg contest - find the picture of an easter egg on one of their online comics sections, click on it, and you're invited to send an email in to collect a prize. I knew that they were heavily promoting Pheobe and Her Unicorn, since it had just gotten a deal to run in 100+ newspapers, so I checked that page and sure enough, there was one of the eggs. I clicked on it and sent in the email to the address that came up. (Later, I got a reply saying that I'd won a free 90-day trial premium membership, and that something would be sent in the mail to me in 2 weeks.)

So, I go in to the lesson, and on the way I finish off the rest of the chocolate. Because the wrapper mentioned some contest, I looked the inside of the packaging over and discovered the words "You Won". I get back home, go to the website, and spend half an hour trying to figure out how to check the serial number. Eventually I was forced to log in to create a new account on the Nestle page, and the stupid thing REQUIRED answers for whether I'm married and if I have pets, and there's no option for opting out of unwanted advertising. Sigh. Anyway, while the main contest prizes consist of 5 copies of the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka movie, and a free chocolate bar, all I got were 1,000 Nestle coins. I can't figure out how to cash in on them, and the odds are the Nestle store doesn't have anything priced under 3,000 coins, anyway, assuming that a 3,000 yen coffee maker can be bought with the equivalent number of Nestle coins. But, the deadline for the contest was April 10th, and I beat that by a couple days, so I guess I did "win", even though it may not have been worth anything. So, two contests, 2 prizes, in one day. Not bad, I guess.

I'm hoping the GoComics prize is something better.

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