Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Tenmonkan is the shopping complex in central Kagoshima. It consists of a series of small shops within an area about half a square mile. For the most part, the walkways between the shops are like small covered streets, but it's only for foot traffic. A few of the roofed sections have artwork at the end caps, and generally it's tied in to the fact that Tenmon means "Astronomy", and part of the open fields in this area a few hundred years ago used to be used for star mapping. So, the stained glass here is based on the western constellations.

One night, I decided to stroll around one of the arcades that I normally don't visit, on the south side of street car street.

Down at the end with the above stained glass, there's the Morinaga pachinko parlor. Oddly, each of the parlors I've seen in Kagoshima seem to have their own themes, or mascots. I haven't seen this "M" anywhere else so far.

Right across the walkway is the restaurant that created shirokuma (polar bear) brand shaved ice. The sign on the second floor says "Thanks to you, we're celebrating our 69th year." Each of the bears is a kind of dessert, from puddings to snowballs.

Also part of the display. The orange shirt reads "Mujakkiko". The name above the door in the first photo is "Tenmonkan Mujaki".

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