Friday, April 24, 2015


A little while ago, I was talking to some Japanese about an aged beef restaurant they'd gone to. Apparently this is something of a rarity here, and we got into a discussion of the various cuts of meat. This isn't something I'm really all that familiar with, so I couldn't say much about it. A few days later, I was walking past a butcher shop in Tenmonkan and I saw this display in the window, so I decided to take a picture and run it here. When you have the time, check out the wiki entry. Compared to America (12 cuts) and Japan (10 cuts according to the picture), Korea is supposed to have 120 different cuts.

肩ロースの塊肉 - Chuck
肩の塊肉 - Brisket
骨付きリブロース - Rib
骨付きカルビ - Plate
サーロイン - Short Loin
ヒレ - Tenderloin
イチボラム - Sirloin / Top Sirloin / Bottom Sirloin
カイノミ - Flank
ササミ - Flank
ウチモモ - Round
外モモ - Round
トモ三角 - Shank
シンシン - Shank

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