Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Coke Life

What you think of when you see Coca Cola with a green label?

What's your first reaction? For me, it's to see if this is a short-term campaign to introduce a new flavor. The second is to check if it's diet. At first, I thought they'd come out with green tea cola. But, no. Then I checked the label to see if it's low-calorie, or zero calorie. Again, nothing specifically identifying what's different from regular Coke. In very small print, there's a mention that it has 19 calories, and in the ingredient list there's some kind of artificial sweetener.

It's like the Coke company is ashamed of having a low-calorie product and/or is afraid that someone will figure out that they're not using real sugar. Regardless, the drink itself tastes metallic and strangely oversweet. Not recommended.

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