Monday, April 20, 2015

Learning Japanese from the signs

It's been a long time since I've done this. If you want to learn real Japanese and you're just starting out, one good resource is to practice reading signs. I found this one in the Kenmin Volunteer Center across the street from the Reimeikan History Museum.


honjitsu wa, daiho-ru, chuuhou ho-ru no benyou ga nai tame esukare-ta wo teishi shiteimase. keibi

honjitsu = today.
wa = topic marker
dai ho-ru = the big hall
chuu ho-ru = medium-sized hall
no = possessive
benyou = service + use
ga = subject marker
nai = no/none/not
tame = for this reason
esukare-ta = escalator
wo = direct object marker
teishi = suspend
shite imasu = is in the state of being
keibi = security

today . topic . big hall, middle hall . of . in use . subject . not . because . escalator . direct object . suspend . is being . security

Native English translation: Because the Main and Auxiliary Halls are not in use today, the escalators have been turned off.
- Signed, the Security Office.

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