Monday, April 13, 2015

Lotteria Magajin Tie-in

Shonen Magajin magazine is celebrating their 55th anniversary, and they have a tie-in with Lotteria. For 550 yen ($5 USD), you can get a small hamburger, fries and drink (soda, not coffee), plus a mylar package chosen at random.  I like some of the Magajin manga, so I wanted to know what comes with the set. The reason for the mylar is that there are clear files with 6 or 8 designs, a couple of which are "secrets". You have no idea which one you're going to get.

Mine was from the Star of the Giants baseball manga. This is probably one of my least-favorite manga in Magajin. Then again, I'm not interested enough in the other titles to justify spending $5 again to just get another random clear file.

The burger and fries were ok, though.

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