Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rie Mishima

The thing about living in Kagoshima is that there's a very good chance of running into someone you know at any given moment. It doesn't happen to me every day, but it is a common enough event that I have to be aware of it and be careful to not be doing something like picking spinach from my teeth when someone recognizes me.

I mentioned in the post on the Yamakataya culture classes demo event that the conductor of the Canzone class had talked to me prior to her group's turn on stage, but that I couldn't find her in a google search. Well, on Thursday I was walking up Street Car Street when I saw her going the opposite direction. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes, and I made sure to get her name this time. It's Rie Mishima, and she's a professional singer in a few different genres. There's only a few videos of her on youtube, but her profile does say that she's performed on NHK.

Below is from her performance at the San El building 3 years ago, singing a piece from Carmen, in Japanese.
Direct video link

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