Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shiroyama Hotel Sign Cards

White autograph cards are very common in Japan. You can find them on the walls of bookstores, restaurants, record stores, and pretty much anywhere some kind of celebrity has been found. So, celebrities spend a lot of time perfecting their signatures. And places that have the cards generally want to show them off to say, "Hey, we're popular enough to attract this level of talent". The Shiroyama Hotel is no different in this respect, although I think it's taken them quite a while to get around to putting their autograph cards out in the main corridor for guests to see. These are the ones I considered worth photographing.

島谷ひとみ Hitomi Shimatani (Singer)
山本リンダ Linda Yamamoto (Singer/Actress)
Giovanni Allevi (Pianist / Composer)
榊原都恵 Megumi Sakakibara (Actress)
壇蜜 Mitsu Dan (Erotic film actress)
尾木直樹 Naoki Ogi (Actor)
釈由実子 Yumiko Shaku (Actress / Model)
奥田政行 Masayuki Okuda (Restaurant Owner / Chef)
野口聡一 Soichi Noguchi (Astronaut)
日高正人 Masato Hidaka (Singer)
稲垣潤一 Junichi Inagaki (Singer)
幸島美登里 Midori Karashima (Singer)
工藤静香 Shizuka Kudou (Singer / Actress)

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