Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Volunteer Center

I mentioned some weeks ago that the first floor lobby of the International Volunteer Center had undergone a major restructuring. I finally decided to take a photo while I was there recently. The entire left side used to be bookshelves and displays of various ethnic clothing from other countries, and there were TVs playing the BBC news and Chinese and Korean daytime dramas. The far right side used to have shelves of books for women's studies and was part of a group trying to stop domestic violence. No idea where all of that stuff got relocated to, if anywhere. I did notice that some brochures and advertising that had been down here were moved to the 2nd and 6th floors, but a lot of that was just listings of movies shown in the little theater on the 6th floor. The other informational handouts are still missing. And, the number of study tables is about the same, they're just moved farther apart.

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