Thursday, May 21, 2015


Doraemon thanks everyone for supporting him for the last 35 years. And asks that you see his latest movie, which came out a couple months ago (so this is now old news, and he is very disappointed in you).


zillustration said...

Like trying to get folks interested in Scoobie Doo. It's tough to rehash the same tired storylines and repackage into something new, AND something people are willing to pay for, rather than watching it at home on the Cartoon Network.
I like Doraemon, I just don't think it's something that will get people into the theaters, other than Moms wanting to keep the kiddies occupied for an hour and a half.

TSOTE said...

It's kind of surprising, just how much emotional pull Doraemon still has after all these years. I think most Japanese families have at least some interest in the new movies, as well as with things like Dragon Ball Z and Crayon Shin-chan, simply due to nostalgia.