Friday, May 22, 2015

Fashion Stuff

There's this one collection of boutiques in Tenmonman, and they have display cases and posters on the outside walls in the parking lot. Looking at these, it seems like the whole point of fashion advertising in Japan is to come up with weird combinations of stuff (or endless layering) and then tacking on an "edgy" sounding English word as a brand name. Here, it's "Sly".

For shoes, the goal is height. Clunky and ugly is "in". If you collect all of the shoes here, you're An-nahl retentive.

Venom makes a good punk band name, but for a fashion brand I'd expect something a whole lot angrier. In Japan, "ego" is a negative word, because it elevates the individual over the group. An Egoist would be self-aware and self-absorbed. Immediate grounds for ostracism here.

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