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KYT Days

KYT is a local TV station, and every few months they host their KYT Days festival. In the past, the majority of the events (stage shows, TV station replicas, meet-the-actors, etc.) had been inside, and in front of, the International Volunteer Center, with overflow children's play areas in the open space in front of the Lotteria in Tenmonkan. This time, however, things were more scattered about. The stage and food booths were in Central Park, the play area was still near Lotteria, and Paru Mall (the intersection next to 7-11 in Tenmonkan) had the Wakuwaku Work Fair (Exciting Job Fair) (nothing at the International Center, though).

Vegetable and meat soup, for 20 please.

The main stage in Central park hosted some comedians, local TV personalities, and promotions for visiting other regions in southern Kyushu. There was some free live music, but the only groups I had any interest in were slated for Sunday.

Katsutan Tantanmen ramen. I don't know if this is a tie-in with a cooking manga, but I wouldn't be surprised.

The Tenmonkan mascot, Tenten, and the Tenten jump room.

Over at the Lotteria, we have the children's play space and a second jump room. Most of the activities were the same as last time. But one corner was set up as a TV set, where kids could play with the cameras, and pretend to read the news or do the weather forecast in front of a green screen.

Some of the programs on KYT.

One thing that was new was the "Laughing is not permitted " Gaasuu Kurobikari Center Prison. Partly visible on the back wall to the left is a fortune teller machine designed to look like an ancient Greek shrine, where you have to put your hand in the fortune telling god's mouth at the risk of having it chopped off.

Up at the 7-11, the Wakuwaku Work stage alternated with performances by hula dancers.

The area also had booths and displays for the Coast Guard, the police department, the SDF, and a couple other agencies. The Coast Guard had children-sized uniforms for photo ops.

The fire department had their trucks out, too, but those were in the parking lot behind the kid's play space near Lotteria. Intel apparently sponsored a booth next to the fire trucks, but none of the visitors had any interest in checking them out at all.

A real navy seal.

Back in Central Park, the local foamhead mascots were brought out for a stage event. Here we have something for Tarumizu, the region opposite the volcano from Kagoshima. Tarumizu translates to "waterfall", so I think this is a big barrel of water. There is someone inside, and they occasionally stick their hand out from the "Ta" door to shake hands with the kids.

One stage event consisted of about 10 mascots forming into two teams, and then throwing balls into the two nets. The team that got the most balls in their net in 1 minute won. You can see the first half of the game in the video below. (One of the characters, "King", "cheats" by picking up a ball and throwing it into his net after the announcer calls "time", so they vote on whether to play a do-over round. I decided to only record the first part, up to King getting caught.)

Broadcast Satellite-kun apparently didn't participate in the ball toss.

Direct Youtube link

Art Fair

Actually, there was a second event going on at the Terukuni shrine a couple blocks away, which was unrelated. They were having another art fair in the parking lot.

One of the artists liked playing music on a boombox and then doing his interpretation of dance for the crowd.

Elephant's Trunk Street

I wrote about the Decadentisme art in the display case in the walkway under the main Chuo train station. The artist herself was here in full goth regalia, but she was camera shy.

(A close-up of the piece above.)

One of the artists I did like was a young woman making "coffee cards". That is, she'd draw the artwork in ink or pencil, and then paint them in shades using coffee.

Day 2
Then, on Sunday, the weather turned bad, with sporadic showers all day. There was a break at 2 PM, when Erica Erika was scheduled to play in Central Park. I took the opportunity to head back in, and was able to catch 4 of the 5-song set. The group is usually a 2-woman duet, but this time Erica was missing, and Erika had a guitar player from Fukuoka backing her up. I'd seen both women performing at the Kagoshima Illuminations Event back in December, when they'd played Christmas music.

Direct Youtube link, part 1

Direct Youtube link, part 2

There was a stamp rally on Saturday (I'm putting the picture here because I want to fill out day 2 a little more). Japan loves its stamp rallies. This one had 5 stamp stations scattered around Tenmonkan, and took about 15 minutes to make the full circuit. The "goal" point was at Central Park, and the prize was a KYT sticker sheet. I was also asked to fill out a survey, which supposedly entered me into a drawing of some kind, but I think it was just to get names for an advertising list.

As I was walking by the Coast Guard table, one of the guys handed me another set of stickers. Bet the U.S. Army will never have something this cool!

Beetle mascots for another tourism campaign, but I'm not sure which city.
I took this photo right after the Erica Erika concert, then I went over into Tenmonkan. That's when the next cloud burst hit and the rain came down hard. No idea if the remaining events got canceled, but I waited in Mister Donuts until the worst of the storm let up, and then went back home for the day.

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