Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mar. - May articles in the media

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Mar.-May, regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

AnimeJapan 2015 sees the big picture

Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn brings life to hit manga 'Death Note' on stage

At last, Japan gets it

'Boys Love Manga and Beyond' defends shifting sexual identities in Japanese media

Anime oasis of the Midwest flourishes

Daily Yomiuri

Exhibition honors Doraemon, creator

Int'l otaku culture network set to launch

Osamu Tezuka on war and peace

'Kill me to save the Earth,' teacher urges students

Yokai Watch set for intl launch

'Yo-kai Watch' loyal to ghost culture

Preserved from ’80s, Ninja Hattori-kun beloved in India

Isao Sasaki / Veteran anime singer stays active with encouragement from fans

Obituary / Ko Kojima / Cartoonist

Tatsumi's gekiga held a mirror up to Japan

Teacher perceived as ‘terrific’ by student

A view from inside an N-plant

New Kyo-Ani work depicts subtle student drama

Detective Conan film born from animators' passion

Peek into mind of Paris' royal executioner

New 'Ghost in the Shell' film set for release in June

Cartoonist offers pillar of support beneath Japan's 'collapsing dining table'


New manga series pits students against 'ideal' teacher bent on destroying Earth

'Ghost in the Shell: Arise' series to start in April with 2 new episodes

'Naruto' musical set to be a hit across Asia

Mega-hit manga 'Ushio and Tora' set to return, make TV debut

Authors Fujii, Hase win sci-fi award

Full-CG 'Stand By Me Doraemon' wins Japan Academy Prize

Schoolgirls bond over murder in animated comeback

All-Saitama production team aims to promote Urawa Ward to anime fans

'Evangelion' producer hopes anime museum will put world spotlight on Fukushima

'Yokai Watch' merchandise set for global marketing blitz

Following path of famed Tokiwa-so flat, Tokyo NPO takes in young animators

Live-action 'Terra Formars' film scheduled for 2016 release

Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition website offers new avenue for animation industry

'Yokai Watch,' 'Aikatsu' among winners at AMD Awards

Keiichi Hara's 'Miss Hokusai' set for May release

'Naruto' return shows ninja don't die easy

Yoriko Hoshi's 'Aisawa Riku' claims top manga award

Masaaki Yuasa's 'Ping Pong' wins big at Tokyo award festival

Time to get over Ghibli and hail the new masters

Tokyo One Piece Tower indoor amusement park opens in capital

Tezuka’s war-themed works on display in Hyogo

Crayon Shin-chan bids farewell to hometown Kasukabe to move to Mexico

Osaka-based manga artist finds inspiration in the Arab world

Untold past of archenemy in 'Gundam' unveiled in 'The Origin' series

Sion Sono to bring 'All Esper Dayo!' to big screen

Hatsune Miku to take stage at Nippon Budokan

Female manga fans storm Tanizaki exhibition in Yokohama

Ghibli Museum to offer tickets through lottery for the Summer

'70s lifestyle key to enduring popularity of 'Chibi Maruko-chan'

Japanese manga sales in North America continue impressive turnaround

Girls' manga 'Kakukaku Shikajika' takes top award

1st ‘Naruto’ exhibition headed for Tokyo this weekend

Free manga apps rapidly expanding digital book readership

2 full-length Project Itoh sci-fi films slated for theaters this fall

'Shisho' online occult horror novel series to be anime, live-action adaptations

Latest 'Evangelion' T-shirt event taking place in Tokyo, Kyoto

Vile villain Freeza warmed up for latest 'Dragon Ball Z' film

Futuristic cat Doraemon to land in Chinese theaters

'Symphony Ihatov' featuring Hatsune Miku headed for Beijing debut

Manga artist’s drawings showcase rich diversity of Japanese language

1st talk between 'Naruto' and 'One Piece' creators published

Tokyo's Roppongi to host 'Art of Gundam' exhibition

'Cyborg 009' adaptation in works to mark 50th anniversary

Hoshi humbled to win manga grand prize for 'Aisawa Riku'

From land of dunes, Tottori anime figurine is made of sand

Exhibition shows influence of Nippon Animation studio on Tama city

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