Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Hubris Stickers

I am posting this entry half a day early in the hopes that when I wake up in 7 hours that the weather will be good enough for me to go down to the volcano and take more time-lapsed photos for 5-6 hours (until the battery runs out). So, for those of you that haven't checked in for half a day, you get two blog entries in one sitting. Score!

Greg Cravens, the mastermind behind The Buckets and Hubris, has a new set of Hubris stickers out. If you donate a few dollars via the "tip jar" button on his website, he'll send some to you. These new ones look GREAT!

And I really like the packing material they came in. Looks like the original pencils for one of the Smythe-Cholera strips (Greg - is this true? Do you really sketch out all your strips on lined notebook paper?) (The scan doesn't do the pencil art justice.)

In short:
Send Greg Cravens all your money!
He'll give you stuff!
This will make you happy!

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Erron said...

Ha! That's not lined notebook paper. I made up my own layout pages (Like the things comic book guys use) with lettering guides, and quarter and third verticals. Because I ink using a light table, and therefore have inked originals on an entirely separate sheet, I can send original pencil layouts to the finest of my readers, which of course includes you. The blank layout sheets are popular giveaways in cartooning classes.