Thursday, May 14, 2015

Product Tie-ins

Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea has two labels tied to Shonen Magajin manga. The one pictured here is Fairy Tail. The other is for Nodame Cantabile.

(The panel on the right is just taken from one scene in the manga.)

Coca Cola

I was sitting in the Shiroyama grocery store a few days ago. There are 3 tables and some small chairs for people that either need to rest, want a place to eat the bento lunch they just bought, or are waiting for someone else to finish shopping. The tables are next to the cooler stocked with Coca Cola drinks, and as I was sitting there, I noticed the box of "Coke Leisure Sheets, #8" on the floor in front of the cooler. There were little stickers all over the cooler with One Piece characters holding cola bottles. The thing is, there was no price for the sheets anywhere, and I didn't know if I could just walk off with one without buying a bottle of Coke. So, a couple days later, when I had to get some orange juice and bread, I brought one of the sheet packages to the register to see what would happen. I was told that I could just take it, and that they're free.

The sheets are plastic, and aren't that big (maybe 2' x 2'). But, they have buttons so you can snap several of them together to make something bigger for use for picnics or cherry blossom viewing. That is, these sheets are intended to protect you when you sit on the ground, or on a dirty bench. There have been 7 other designs in the past, although I'm not going to collect the complete set.

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