Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sakura-jima Time-Lapse

This was a first attempt at really using the interval timer on my Canon Powershot. It only goes down to once every 30 seconds, so I had to mess with the frame times in Movie Maker when I strung the individual shots back together to make the video. 0.15 sec. might be the best frame time, but I'd need to capture a period closer to 4 or 5 hours long to make a decent video. I didn't bother putting in a sound track this time. The weather was really good yesterday; today, not so much. Going to have to wait a while for the next clear-sky opportunity, I guess.

Diret youtube link


zillustration said...

very cool - Does this volcano generally have a scheduled plume release? (daily/weekly) Really impressive to have caught the plume like that!

TSOTE said...

Hi Z!
It's not really scheduled, but there have been 4-5 eruptions a day over the past couple years. I was starting to lose faith after 2 hours, then my patience was rewarded. ;) But, to get a better, longer video, I'm going to have to set up for 4-5 hours, bring more reading material with me, and find a place with fewer tourists (there were two busloads of Chinese tourists while I was at the top of Shiroyama, and some of them were walking in front of the camera and bumping into the tripod). That should give me two plumes...