Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chopper Park

If you're not an anime or manga fan, then you're probably unfamiliar with One Piece. One of the characters in the series, Chopper, kind of looks like a humanoid deer. On Sunday, the 21st, Amupla hosted Chopper Park, which largely was cover for one of the Japanese cell phone companies to advertise their contract plans to the adults. But, there was a bounce room for the kids, a small stamp rally, and a spin-the-ball raffle for prize toy give-aways.

(The stamp rally goal point.)

(The big colored wheels have colored balls inside. You spin the wheel around a couple of times and one of the balls will fall out. The color of the ball indicates the prize you win. Generally, white means, "you lose". There are a LOT of those.)

(Cut-out pose board for Miss Volcano-Head.)

(One of the stamp points.)

And, every couple of hours, there was a scheduled appearance by Chopper himself. He looks smaller in real life.

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