Friday, June 5, 2015

Reimeikan, June 5th

I keep going back to Reimeikan in the afternoon when the weather is good, in the hopes of finding birds, but having no luck. When I want to go in the early morning, it rains. All I can find are insects. The above moth was at the bottom of the moat near the sidewalk. The photo's not too bad, given that the subject was over 20 feet from the camera.

A few dragonflies this time. There were three different kinds. The one with the black and white body wouldn't stay in one place to let me get a shot.

I've never seen red dragonflies before.

This one was interesting. It would startle, fly way from the pole, eventually return and settle back down again. The thing was that it would land at different points on the pole and then walk around to return to the exact same location as before. Apparently, it really likes resting in this position.

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