Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shironami Shochu Poster

One of the advantages of being able to speak Japanese is that occasionally you can get into interesting conversations. When I was at the "Gambare Shopping District Fest" at Amupla on May 31st, there was one table set up that had several bottles of shochu out. As I got closer, I noticed they were for Shironami, which I've had before. I asked if they were selling the shochu by the glass, and the answer was "no", these were free samples. In fact, they couldn't even sell the bottles. They could only provide the samples. One of the brands was made using barley, rather than the traditional sweet potatoes, and the staff kept referring to it as being more like whiskey. One of the guys wanted to know why I was in Japan, and I mentioned that I like anime and manga. Suddenly his face lit up and he ran away. Several minutes later, he came back with two of the posters that had been designed by Studio Ghibli (1'x2' and 2'x3"), commenting that they weren't signed. He immediately set to wrapping them up for me, so I felt compelled to take one more sample cup of "whiskey" shochu before I accepted the posters and walked away.

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