Friday, June 12, 2015

Small Adventures #37

Some months ago, I went with a friend to Bic Camera to get a new replacement PC keyboard. Bic had at least 20 models out for display, but the one keyboard he wanted, one that had the correct shape, layout, thickness and keypress feel, was not in stock. In fact, the store claimed to have the right model and sold it to him, but when he got home, it was something for about the same price but small, cheaper, and broke a few months later. Then, I needed a paper shredder, so I went to Bic because they're the closest place with small electrics, and the one model I wanted was not in stock (they had 20 other models, which were all either industrial shredders, or had collection baskets the size of a peanut), but the one they had on the shelf that I really did want was not available for sale. Later, I needed a replacement wireless mouse, but the model that I was replacing, which they had on display, was not in stock. So I had to get something smaller and less convenient.

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to buy a Sony ICF-SW11 12-band shortwave radio. They have a display unit, but there's nothing actually in stock. At first, the clerk asked if I wanted to special order it, knowing there'd be a 1-week wait, and I said, "sure, no problem". 30 seconds later, she changed that to a "1 month wait".

I'm wondering if Bic is actually populated with 10 million display models and absolutely nothing in the warehouse.

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