Saturday, June 13, 2015

Small Adventures #38

A couple days ago, I was walking along Streetcar Street and I came to an intersection where the light was red. Next to me was a guy in a business suit. He'd been carrying a box, and he'd set it on the ground while he waited for the light to change. The box was obviously heavy. I glanced at it, and read "Elite Dental Stones".

What ARE "dental stones"? Are these things scientifically designed to crack your tooth just right when you accidentally bite down on them? Are these more like kidney stones or gall stones? Do you wake up screaming in pain with a dental stone, and have to go to the doctor to have it pulverized with ultra-sound? Is there some other guy in a business suit on some other street carrying a box of "elite kidney stones"?

I wanted to ask the guy why he had a box of dental stones, and if there were other levels, like "plebian" and "bourgeois". But the light changed, and he struggled to pick up the box. His stones seemed to be giving him pain, so I let him be.

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