Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I had the big camera with me when I went up Shiroyama to take time-lapse shots of the volcano, and as I was coming back down, I noticed two spiders next to the walkway. The camera's macro mode was useless for these shots, and I ended up having to experiment with manual focus for the first time. That didn't go so well either, because I wanted to zoom in as far as I could to get a bigger shot of the insects, and that completely destroyed the manual focus settings. I had to turn the camera off and try again. I could get the camera to focus right, but because it was zoomed out too far, the resulting pictures came out too grainy.

I need to find bigger spiders.

Funny. A few days after I wrote that comment, I was walking by a konbi parking lot, and I found this guy. He was injured, so he might have been thrown off from a car or truck somewhere. Still, a tarantula is not something you expect to find in the middle of a modern, industrialized city.

Unfortunately, while I'd had the big camera with me, I'd just finished running the battery down to zero with another time-lapsed photo session with the volcano, so I couldn't capture all of the detail here. I would have liked to get a better close-up of the eyes.

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