Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wanko Soba Contest

Over the weekend, I guess a local restaurant had a contest to see who could eat the most wanko soba within a fixed time period. Wanko Soba originated in Iwate prefecture, and is a kind of buckwheat noodle that is served in a small bowl.

I caught a couple minutes of one round on my way into the school on Saturday at 1:30 PM. When I got back out at 3 PM after the lesson ended, the contest was done for the day.

We're now getting into rainy season (which usually lasts for 2 weeks) and we got a lot of really heavy rain on both days. I didn't bother coming back for the second day of the contest so I don't know who the final winner was.

But, the highest number was 66 bowls for Saturday. Not too shabby.

Direct youtube link

I had 2 hours to kill between lessons, so I grabbed some snacks, and camped out on one of the benches near the stage. Actually, I wanted to try to figure out a used game I'd bought for the 3DS, which has a really big tutorial and review quiz right at the beginning. So, I was taking photos of each of the tutorial screens to refer to them later on my laptop to get 100% on the quiz. This was taking well over an hour just to click through each of the screens and then pick the camera up to take the shots. As I was doing this, a bunch of foamhead mascots walked up to the intersection and started posing for pictures.

Sometimes, if you wait long enough, the events come to you.

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