Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ogionsa 2015 day 2

The parade on Sunday wasn't quite as impressive this year. There weren't as many mikoshi groups, or much other activity at all, and the weather was iffy all day. We had a typhoon warning, and just as the only taiko group was getting ready to play to mark the start of the parade at 2 PM, we got rain and the drums had to be covered in tarps. Fortunately, the rain let up after 15 minutes and the sky actually started to turn blue. But, the clouds came back in and made for less than great photo conditions. In previous years there had been several taiko groups spread along the route, and they'd play occasionally to give the paraders breaks in the middle of the day. This time though, it was just the one group, and I was really hoping to catch them when they closed the event at 5 PM. So, I had my camera out and the tripod set up, then the sky turned dark and the tarps were put over the drums again. At about that point, the police were getting ready to reopen the street to car traffic, so I just gave up and returned home.

I didn't take many photos on day 2, instead concentrating more on shooting video. This was also problematic because the groups would carry or pull their shrine for about a block before stopping and waiting for everyone in front of them to start moving again. So, generally I just had a bunch of short 30-60 second excerpts that I had to stitch together to make one finished video.

Also, it didn't click with me during the event, but there were almost no food or toy stalls set up along the route. Not really sure what the problem was, if the city had to cut funding because of Abe's messed-up economic policies, if turn-out was expected to be poor because of the typhoon, or that Rokugatsu-tou was only a couple days before and had been a distraction from Ogionsa.

I'll have to wait and see what happens with the yukata shopping weekend event on Aug. 1 and 2.

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