Friday, August 7, 2015

Anpanman Live Show

On Aug. 2, the space in front of Lotteria was set up for a "Kid's Festival". The first show was at 1:30, and consisted of a live action Anpanman show. The story is that the three kinds of kettles all want to be "#1" when they count off in front of the children. As they argue, Bacteria-man comes in and threatens to destroy all of them, because HE'S #1. There's a bit of a chase, and then Anpanman is summoned to save the day. I only recorded the first few minutes, because I wanted to check out what was going on up at Amuplaza. But, this is pretty representative of the entire performance.

(Valet parking provided for anyone arriving by baby stroller.)

(Red bean paste in a bun man.)

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