Thursday, August 27, 2015


Ok, so Sunday comes along and I want to take the big camera out to see if auto-focus is going to continue to be a problem. I'd been hoping that the little neighborhood matsuri down on the boulevard in front of City Hall was still going on, but that turned out to apparently have been just a 1-day affair, or something. Regardless, when I got there, the stage and all the booths were gone. On the other hand, there was a big rally in Central Park.

There's continued, and growing, opposition to the LDP's, and Prime Minster Abe's, push to gut the existing Japanese constitution to allow the Japan Self-Defence Forces to engage in direct military operations. The rally here was a protest against Abe's attempts to ramrod the "reforms" through the Diet.

I'm pretty sure that the "nukes" in this case aren't just weapons, but also the reactors that are being restarted across the country.

About half an hour later, the protestors took to the streets to parade through Tenmonkan.

The banner says (roughly), "Don't kill more children." The following day, the English newspapers all reported "thousands of young people rallying across the country for the protests, while Kagoshima wasn't mentioned at all. Just about everyone here was over the age of 60; very few "young people" in attendance.

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