Saturday, August 1, 2015

Krispy Kreme

When Krispy Kreme opened in Amupla 6 last Fall, it was a really big deal, and the crowds waiting to get inside to try out the "next new thing" were huge. More recently, not so much. I had Krispy Kreme before when I was in Texas, and it was like eating a little sugar fried in lard and then filled with mostly air. I liked Round Rock Donuts better. However, it looked like KK had expanded their flavor menu, and I was bored, so one day I decided to splurge and see what I could get. There was the chocolate-mango cream filled donut, and chocolate with glazed orange bits, plus a small ice coffee.

Total, about 700 yen, or $5.50 (USD). The coffee was watery, and the donuts were still largely air. Funny enough, though, this time they tasted a lot like bread, without being really bread-like. They weren't anything like what I had in Texas, but they weren't very good, either. Next time, I'll stick with Mister Donuts.

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