Monday, September 28, 2015

Cloudy Day

The weather had been very weird and unpredictable this summer. As I was walking in to the school one Saturday, the sky was very overcast, and I'd thought that the clouds were low enough that they were fully blanketing the volcano. But, I got to the north end of Tenmonkan and I could see Sakurajima through a gap in the buildings - there was a thick band of low clouds about halfway up, which made for a really dramatic sight. Unfortunately, this was one of those "you only get one shot at this" moments.

I had five minutes to get to the school before my first lesson started, meaning I didn't have time to walk down to Dolphin Port to get a better photo. And, if I waited until my break, the weather would change and I'd lose the shot completely (which was true; when I got out an hour later, the volcano was hidden in the clouds and the rain was pouring down). My only choice was to pull out the pocket camera and make the best of what I could get right then. To make matters worse, I was at a major street intersection and the light had just turned red. The only way to get the picture was to get back into the middle of the street in the crosswalk, and that meant waiting for the traffic light to change. As I waited, the cloud kept blowing north, thinning out the band that I wanted to capture. When I got the green light, I ran back into the middle of the crosswalk. I could only get these two pictures before the car making a right hand turn at me started to try to run me down. After that I had to give up. But  at about that time the cloud band was gone anyway.

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