Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ancient Creatures Collection

I wrote about Capsule Cafe opening a new shop in Tenmonkan. Well, they also have a good 50 capsule ball dispenser machines up on the 6th floor of Amuplaza, near the UFO Catchers. Recently, I'd noticed that they had one machine for plastic trilobites and stuff, and the set included an Opabinia. Endtown creator Aaron Neathery likes Opabinias, and the capsule only cost 300 yen ($2.60 USD). I figured I'd try getting capsules once a week or so until I got an Opabinia to mail to him.

Got it on my first try. While the little info sheet says it's worth 400 yen, the dispenser was set to 300 yen. He's about 2" long and just sits on top of the stand; there's no mounting peg this time.

He grows on you, doesn't he.

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