Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Night Kagoshima in Amuplaza, 2015

Myu FM radio and Amuplaza teamed up for a Halloween event on the afternoon and evening of the 30th. They had food booths, face makeup tables and the stage event. I had a class that Friday, in the afternoon, but I had to go up to Amuplaza to get printer ink from Bic Camera. I arrived at about 4:30, and the radio announcers were just getting ready to bring Doll Elements up on stage.

The event was pretty well-attended for most of the day, with maybe 100-200 people at any given time.

Shunji Maehada, one of the Myu FM announcers.

Doll Elements. The light was getting dim outside, and it had been raining all day, so when the dancers started moving around fast, the camera kept blurring them. I was only able to get two shots before one of the stage hands came up and told me, "no cameras". Good luck with that rule - there were twenty people in the audience clicking away by that time. At that point, there was nothing else I wanted to watch so I went home for dinner. I worked on the computer a bit then went back up at 9 PM to catch a little more of the stage show, since the program was going to run until 10 AM.

Some of the Halloween makeup artists. Knife wounds were everywhere that night.

I was taking photos from the back of the crowd when one of the Filipino women I know in Kagoshima recognized me and waved me up closer to the stage. As we were talking, I decided that I really wanted to get pictures of the skeleton family standing next to me. They were more than happy to pose for both of us.

Rose then mentioned that she'd been interviewed by one of the other Myu FM personalities, Yuki Arima. We went up closer to the stage so that Rose could introduce me to Yuki. We talked a bit more, then Yuki went off to keep doing her job, and Rose returned home on one of the last trains. That left me right next to the stage, by the mixer table, as Dance Studio Da Da performed on stage and tried to get the crowd to dance with them.

Some of the Da Da dancers, as Boy Scout slasher victims.

More of the Da Da dancers waiting their turns.

DJ asm closed the night with a dance mix. The radio personalities, of which there were 4 or 5, kept trying to get the audience to dance, and then pull them up on the stage. This is a losing proposition in Japan, but I was getting into the groove and I kept looking for an excuse to get on the stage myself. Problem was, I was just in street clothes, and no makeup. Towards the end, one of the personalities, who I've seen before at other events (the partner of the guy in the yellow body suit above) was standing at the corner of the stage right next to me and I took that as my cue to join in. The two of us started doing a hip bump dance on stage, and suddenly Shunji was on my other side, dancing too. We hip bumped for about a minute, they laughed, thanked me, and turned to walk away. I now had to figure out how to get off the stage. It was only a foot tall, but I wanted to make an exit. So, I jumped as high as I could and when I landed on the ground my shoes bounced from the impact. Rather than let myself go sprawling, I turned it into a shoulder roll and came to a halt on my back. Most of the audience thought this was a pure accident and were going to ask if I was alright, until I acted like a dog on its back with its legs in the air. The one radio announcer ran over and started giving me CPR for my broken leg, and everyone had a good laugh.

The show ended about 10:15, and Myu FM announced that they wanted a group photo of the audience, and Shunji shoved me into the middle of the crowd in the center of the shot. The staff took some pictures and that was it. I went home and wrote this up before going to bed.

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