Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Learning Kagoshima-ben

As mentioned a couple days ago, the City of Kagoshima is hosting a furusato event from Oct. 23rd to Nov. 15th. Almost all of the food and activities are only available on the weekends, but there are short stage shows during the week at 11:30 and 2 PM. On Tuesday, I decided to go back up to the park to see what kind of show they were putting on. At this particular time, it was a local group that conducted three 5-minute skits, after which the teacher would come out and explain certain phrases they'd used in Kagoshima dialect. I've heard a similar show on the radio (I think it's on Sundays), so it may be the same group.

The wind was strong, there was building construction the next block over, and the PA system was turned down too low, so the sound quality on the videos isn't that great. Even so, if you want to learn regional conversational Japanese, I think these videos are still usable. As for the audience, it was mostly older people from a nearby hospital or senior center, plus one or two young mothers out walking their children.

Direct youtube link for part 1

Direct youtube link for part 2

Direct youtube link for part 3

Additionally, as I was coming home, I encountered a street car advertising the upcoming Ohara matsuri (the big traditional dance festival held in the Fall). Unfortunately, it's going to be on Nov. 2nd and 3rd this year, and I'm going to miss it because that's a Monday and Tuesday. I'm very unhappy about that. Anyway, I caught a little video of the street car pulling away from the platform.

Direct youtube link for the street car

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