Monday, October 12, 2015

Milk and KBB

Tenten's Birthday

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This weekend was a bit unusual in that it was 3 days long. Monday was Sports Day, a national holiday when everyone is supposed to go out and exercise. This threw off some of the events held on the three days. On Saturday, the space in front of the 7-11 in Tenmonkan hosted some kind of thing, but I never really did figure out what the organizers had in mind. The sign at the back of the stage says "Tenten no Tanjobi". Tenten is the mascot for Tenmonkan, and October 10th can be read as "ten ten", so it makes sense as a word play as Tenten's birthday. The problem is that the giant inflatable Tenten balloon never fully inflated before it was taken back down. I had to teach an English lesson at noon, and I reached Tenmonkan at 11:30 AM. At that point, the inflatable was set up, but kind of sagging over. My break was at 3 PM, and the thing was not to be seen anymore. There was no schedule at the stage, people were just sitting around waiting for something to happen. At 3 PM, one of the local radio personalities was interviewing a young woman about something, but she just seemed to have been an entrant in a fashion contest or something, and wasn't doing anything interesting. I went back to the school and when I finally got out at 8 PM, the stage was torn down again.

(Nothing to see here folks. Move along now.)

(Some of the crafts booths set up at the same time.)

Tenmonkan Fair

What made the weekend jumbled was that in the same space, they had the annual Tenmonkan Fair on Sunday and Monday. This was a combination of milk promotion and bone density testing, plus crafts tables.

Past milk events have included a live stage show teaching protection against cavities and bone loss. This time, kids were shaking bottles of cream in an attempt to make butter. There wasn't a whole lot to see, unless you wanted free tea, milk or density testing. Plus things wrapped up early on Monday - when I came back at 4 PM, after visiting Amuplaza, the stage was abandoned and the tables were being torn down.

KBB Minna no Yume

Up at Amuplaza, KBB TV was hosting its "Minna no Yume" (Everyone's Dreams) event on Saturday and Sunday. Since I had to work most of the day on Saturday, I missed the live music then, and I didn't get up to Amuplaza until 3 PM on Sunday, so I only caught the last part of a promotion for travel to Shizuoka, and then the live stage show with Guree-bu (Green Pig) and Proppie (the KBB mascot).

The event was divided into 2 areas in front of the main train station. One section primarily promoted the TV shows airing on KBB, while offering photo ops with props of some of the personalities and anime characters.

Here we have Doreamon.

A couple of the booths also provided visitors the option to pretend to read the news at a prop desk. Here, KBB had a mixer table set up so kids could play at voice acting for a Crayon Shin-Chan TV anime episode.

More Doreamon

The main event stage.

An interview with the mascot for Shizuoka.

One of the Shizuoka promoters dressed up as "Fuji-pii", recording the stage show.

The next stage show had someone I think was named "Arorororomedia" as the main villain. He fights Proppie, the KBB TV mascot and steals Proppie's "happy energy". Guree-bu, the Kagoshima mascot, restores Proppie's energy by doing the Guree-bu dance (the lyrics mainly promote the foods and products of Kagoshima). They're joined by Satsuma Kenshin Hayato, one of the other Kagoshima mascots, to defeat Arorororomedia. This is then followed by a video on the big screen advertising Kagoshima. It's all very commercial, but the audience loved it. You can see the youtube videos below.

Direct youtube link to stage show part 1

Direct youtube link to stage show part 2

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