Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quick Milk

I saw this product in the Kaldi import and coffee beans store, and figured that I might as well give it a try. "Quick Milk" is marketed as a way to quickly add flavor to a glass of milk, from Hungary. It's about $1.50 USD for 5 straws, and this packet is caramel flavor. The idea is that you have a regular plastic straw that is sealed off at both ends, with little holes in the sides for the milk to flow through. (You're not supposed to cut the ends off with a scissors.) Let's just say that the concept doesn't really work. You get a little burst of caramel flavor in the first 2-3 seconds, but that disappears fast, leaving sugar that doesn't dissolve much. The milk is hard to draw through the straw, and the product itself is 90% plastic that you end up throwing in the trash. It'd be better all around, for your pocketbook and the environment, to simply buy a carton of Nestle Quick.

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