Thursday, December 10, 2015

Amu Christmas Street, Day 1

Amu Plaza has their Christmas Street set up in front of the main train station, probably until the 24th or 25th. It consists of a few food and drink booths, some trinkets booths and the live stage. There's no schedule out for the stage, so I occasionally walk up to the station to see if there's anything specific happening. Once, there was a brass quartet sitting around waiting to get started at 8 PM. Another time this singer was on stage in the evening doing Christmas carols and some J-pop. I never did catch her name. Again, it's copyrighted material and youtube would block it, so I'm not bothering recording it.

I'm hoping that at some point there'll be someone I want to listen to. I think Bon DX may be scheduled for one Saturday or Sunday, but if it's when I have work I'll end up missing him.

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