Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Amu Plaza Christmas Market, Day 3

Finally, on Dec. 13th I managed to catch some music that I wanted to record and upload to youtube, and that was Bon DX. I even got a chance to meet Bon and talk to him for a few minutes after the set. That was fun for me. For Bon, it looked a bit painful.

I got up to Amuplaza a little after 3 PM on Sunday. The market was open for business, but there wasn't anything happening on stage. The MC was trying to get people to buy stuff from the booths, but mostly the customers were just ambling around and window shopping. Bon's set started at 4, and things got real crowded real fast. I found a spot up near the stage but off to one side and sat on the ground to try to get a more interesting angle this time. Unfortunately, my hands started shaking more than usual, and I assume it was because I couldn't easily shift my weight to adjust to the big camera over time. I guess I either should stand, or bring my tripod if I'm going to shoot video. And then, some older guy decided that the reason people had their cameras out was to record him dancing; he just kept getting in front of only the 3 of us that had cameras out, and playing to the audience. Bon thought it was funny, but it just messed up my video. Because I was sitting, I couldn't stand up to move away from him without disrupting the video even further. After the third song ended, I got up, but at that point the guy simply walked off. On the other hand, I'd gotten 5 songs from the set, and at least 3 of the 5 turned out ok visually. However, I messed up the audio side on the fifth video when I moved closer to the stage to get Bon in more of a profile view. That put me right in front of one of the speakers and the camera ended up distorting the sound really badly. Sigh. There wasn't anything else scheduled for the next hour that I could learn about, so I returned home to edit the videos.

Direct youtube link, part 1

Direct youtube link, part 2

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