Friday, December 18, 2015

Inherit the Stars, vol. 3 review

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Inherit the Stars, vol. 3, by Yukinobu Hoshino, Grade: B

In the review for book 2, I'd mentioned that the third wide-volume from My First Big was going to come out in November. What I didn't know at the time is that this thing is kind of a scam. These specific books are printed only for sale at konbini, there's no way to reserve a copy when they come out, and they only show up at random locations. Well, book 3 never made it to Kagoshima. The only way to buy one is to get it from a collector on the net, at a massive mark-up. So, we decided to buy books 3 and 4 of the Big Comics Special version from Amazon new at 1,238 yen (without tax). Much more expensive than we liked, and 90% of book 3 was duplicated in volume 2 of the My First Big version.

(The Cro-magnon Jevlens are responsible for most major wars in human history.)

So, yeah, I'm already biased against this book before I even start reading. The back cover art is muddy, Cmdr. Cordwall on the front cover looks insane, and the story is very wordy. Anyway, the normal humans are in the federation HQ building discussing the Jevlenese group's motivations and plans when a massive asteroid comes in from nowhere and destroys the building in kind of a post-9-11-inspired blast (the manga first ran from 2011 to 2012). The heroes are saved by retreating to a bomb shelter in the basement, and are eventually rescued by the giants.

The Jevlen think they've succeeded in wiping out the threat, and become complacent. The humans announce that they're going to go to war, and the Giants are forced by their peaceful nature to return to their ship and leave Earth in search of their home planet. They think that Danchecker and Hunt have provided enough clues as to where in the sky to look. However, a couple of the Giants have developed an attachment to the humans, and feel guilty that their ancestors were the ones that turned the monkeys so violent with their lab experiments so long ago. There's a debate amongst the group. but eventually the Giants vote that they all have to leave on their ship together.

Summary: I suggest you read the novels yourself and form your own opinions. Hoshino does a pretty good job at converting the books to manga, but I just don't buy the "asteroid bomb" sequence. Recommended if you can find the books used, cheap.

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