Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Marugoto Fair, 2015

The weekend of Nov. 28-30 really was busy. Along with all of the other stuff I've already written about, there was the Marugoto (All about) Kagoshima Local Goods Fair. This consisted of a few booths selling shochu, food, and other items, plus the live stage. I had to work Saturday, and on Sunday I'd gone to the Volunteer Center for the Fureai event (and the Zosan DX band). But, I did manage to get to Amu Plaza at about 4 PM. The schedule indicated that the performances would end between 3:30 and 4 PM, but the Koreeda Sanshimai (the Three Koreeda Sisters) from Amami were just about to go on stage to give traditional songs specific to Amami Island. A few of the people in the audience started dancing along, and for the final song one of the sisters got off stage and tried to lead the dancing in the Amami style, which was more or less successful.

I had to teach a lesson Monday afternoon, but most of the early acts were more hip hop or dance studio stuff, so I wasn't really interested in getting back up to Amu Plaza until 4:30 PM, when the MC, Kodai, had his own "mini-live" show. Unfortunately, for some reason the big camera just started locking up, freezing all the buttons, and zooming in and out really slowly. I tried taking off the filter in the hopes that it was causing the problem, but even after turning the camera off and on, the same things kept happening. I got the feeling that because the sun was starting to go down, maybe the light level was making the Auto feature jump uncontrollably between day and night scene modes, so I switched over to manual aperture control, and the camera settled down again. But, I'd lost the opportunity to record the first 3-4 songs. I got the last one, at least. One of the regulars I keep running into at these events decided to introduce me to Kodai after the show, and the two of us talked a bit and exchanged email addresses. I uploaded all the photos I'd taken to Facebook for him to look at. Again, it was a good time.

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