Thursday, December 31, 2015

Medama Oyaji

I'd written before about having several capsule ball figures that I had some interest in trying to buy, but that I was going to spread them out over a few weeks. Unfortunately, the next time I went to Amuplaza, the ball dispensers had been moved out again, and the Capsule Cafe shop in Tenmonkan didn't have the same figures anymore. But, I had a little spare time, and a couple extra 100 yen coins, so I checked out every machine in Capsule Cafe to see what they did have. There were only two machines that caught my eye - one with 3D puzzles, and another with Gegege Kitaro characters.

I got Kitaro's father - Medama Oyaji (old man eyeball). It's a tiny figure, maybe only 1/2" tall, and cost 300 yen ($2.60 USD). Price-wise, not a good deal, and I would have preferred Kitaro himself. But, this is a good second choice, and I do like the artwork on it. And, I'm currently using it as a tribute figure to Shigeru Miyazaki, who passed away at the end of 2015.

I'll satisfy myself with this one figure, because I don't feel like spending another 300 yen just to get Itaimomen or Nurikabe. Backbeard would be kind of cool to have, if I ever do D&D gaming again, though... But, the two characters I'd really want aren't in the set - Nezumi Otoko and Neko Musume.

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