Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nov.-Dec. articles in the media

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Nov. and Dec., regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

Get the goods on manga and anime

But is it art? Anime in the 'post-cinematic' age

Renowned 'GeGeGe no Kitaro' manga artist Shigeru Mizuki dies at 93

Japan's animators see red over pencil crisis

Hatsune Miku: the 'nonexistent' pop star

Daily Yomiuri

Watashi no Hibi (My days) review

'Osomatsu-san' an ambitious nostalgic work

Gundam designer mixes illusion, reality

"Boru-rumu e Yokoso" (Sweep over the dance hall) review

Otaku groups in Sakhalin, a place so close and so far

Ryohei Suzuki in the film "Oremonogatari!!"

'Chihayafuru' manga and locale in exhibition

Popular Atashin'chi a modern-day Sazae-san

Izumi Matsumoto and cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia

New gallery to honor Doraemon creator in his hometown

Hyouge Mono review

Famed mangaka Shigeru Mizuki dies

Gambling Maniac review

One Punch Man review

Restaurants offer the taste of manga specialties in 'Tezuka town'

Complex Age review


Cosplay culture clash builds bridges in Yamaguchi

Manga tells tale of Hiroshima radio station’s struggle to stay on air

Keiichi Hara wins Asiagraph Tsumugi Prize for 'Miss Hokusai' film

Vegetable-rich omelet from popular manga 'Cooking Papa'

All-out uncut curry star of 'Cooking Papa'

80 comic book artists from around the globe to appear at Tokyo International Comic Festival

Final chapter of 'Initial D' trilogy races to screens on Feb. 6

Fans' paradise promised at first 'Yo-kai Watch' official store

Only days left for submitting entries in Tokyo Anime Award Festival

'Terra Formars' terrifying cockroaches scurrying to big screen

Tokyo's Ikebukuro a haven for female 'otaku' culture

'Gundam' marks 36th anniversary with age-old Kutani-yaki ceramics

'One Piece'-themed footrace coming to Okinawa in March

Middle East conflicts made simple in hit comic book sequel

17 artists to pay tribute to 'God of Manga' Tezuka

Haruka Ayase to star in film adaptation of 'Kodai-ke no Hitobito'

Volleyball manga 'Haikyu!!' characters to 'serve' up a drink

Creating heaven on Earth for anime fans with locations tied to favorite films

'When Marnie Was There' among 3 Japanese films up for Oscar consideration

Demon manga artist Shigeru Mizuki dies at 93

JoJo back for more bizarre TV adventures in 2016

Japanese, Chinese, Korean students work together for Kanazawa film festival

Cartoonist Shigeru Mizuki finally gets to live in 'the other world'

'Expelled from Paradise' director Mizushima takes top Kobe award

Manga pilgrimage as fans pay respects in Shigeru Mizuki's adopted hometown

JR West’s Evangelion Shinkansen to offer high-end sake

Animate to open Bangkok outlet in spring 2016

'Last Exile' movie to hit cinemas in February

Manga matures as the Louvre presents comic book art

'Kakukaku Shikajika' wins Grand Prize at Japan Media Arts Festival

'Dam Keeper' duo Tsutsumi, Kondo working on 'Moom' in Japan

Exhibition devoted to 'founder of modern manga' now on in Saitama

First 'Garo' anime film to hit theaters in spring 2016

Chinese online novel 'Reikenzan' to make TV anime debut

New 'Madoka Magica' project hinted at in short concept film

Second batch of 'Sword Art Online'-themed glasses now available

Urgent resolution calls for national manga museum revival in the Diet

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