Thursday, January 28, 2016

500 Yen Prefecture Coins

Well, I guess we're coming down to the wire now, regarding the 47 Prefecture 500-yen Coins collection. Wakayama, Osaka, Nagasaki and Chiba came out on the 20th, but it took a few days for them to reach Kagoshima. The series started running, at 2-4 coins every 6 months or so, back in 2008. I didn't start collecting them until 2012, meaning I missed the first 19, and then Kagoshima sold out right away and I couldn't find anyone else I know in Japan to buy it for me elsewhere. But, I have the other 25 coins from 2012 to 2016, and there are only 2 left on the schedule - Fukushima (which had been ravaged by the big earthquake and reactor meltdown in 2011) and the 23 Tokyo Wards region. The Japan Mint site doesn't have a fixed release date yet, but the last 2 coins are tentatively set to come out in July.


zillustration said...

Ah... Nagasaki had a huge Catholic influence as an early port city - hence the church?

TSOTE said...

Right. The picture is of Ooura Church, built in 1853 as a tribute to the "26 Japanese martyrs" who had been executed in 1597 on orders by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It's the oldest church in Japan, and was the first western building to be considered a national treasure.