Friday, January 29, 2016

Shampoo Figure

While the Capsule Cafe capsule ball dispenser shop in Tenmonkan has closed, there are still many places that have these machines. One place is just a couple blocks away at the other side of Street Car Street. I wanted to check out their selection, and noticed two machines that had things that I did want (rather than having things I'd get just to post photos of them to the blog because they're so weird). One of the two has figures from Ranma 1/2. The series includes both the male and female versions of Ranma, P-chan, Ranma's father in panda form and Shampoo. They're 300 yen apiece ($2.60 USD), and I only wanted one figure to represent the set. I'd settle for either female Ranma or Shampoo.

I got Shampoo on the first try, so I'm happy. She's about 2" tall, and is large enough that she was in two pieces in the capsule and needed to be assembled. This is another desktop accessories set, but Shampoo is just intended to be propped on the edge of a book, or table.

She's very well-designed and fabricated for the price.

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