Saturday, January 2, 2016

Some shops

There's this street that is just a block from the apartment that runs from the expressway, across the river, and then south out of the city. There's a Book Off used bookstore about a kilometer or two away, and generally what I'll do is go up to the main train station, then down a diagonal street to get to the intersection with my street and then go the additional 3 blocks to get to Book Off. But, one night I wanted to go the more direct route, staying on my street all the way along the route. This meant that I saw a few shops that I normally wouldn't. Such as, Sin. I've been curious what sin looks like, and now I know.

Then there was Fun Ride. There's something about that sign...

I went back during the day to take photos. This shop here is "Gatchapon Dou" (Capsule Ball Castle). It advertises buying and selling capsule ball toys. If I had the space and money, I'd consider going inside to buy something.

(Again, medafire is screwing up. The photo is uploaded ok, and the link is ok, it's just that mediafire isn't transferring the file.)

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