Sunday, February 14, 2016


As mentioned in yesterday's post, there didn't seem to be much reason to go up to Amu Plaza on Sunday. Actually, after all the free live music events that ran from November to January, February has been pretty much a total loss so far. There's been so little going on, the weather has been so lousy (either overcast, or raining), that there's been very little to take pictures of or write about, and I'm in danger or running out of backlogged material for the blog again. But, I needed to go to the store to get orange juice, and I figured I'd take the opportunity to walk up to Amu Plaza anyway. I didn't get out of the apartment until 6 PM, so I wasn't expecting much. As I got closer to the train station, I could hear music from a block away, but it ended just before I got to the main plaza. After that, the MC started interviewing the band, and from that point it was just talking and attempts to get people to buy more chocolate.

When it became obvious that the guys weren't going to sing again, I went into the department store for free sample coffee from Kaldi, and then checked whether there was something to take pictures of on the other floors. As I was making my way down to the 2nd floor, I discovered that the band had come inside to sell autographs and pose for photos with some of their fans. The thing is, I couldn't find a schedule outside showing who the performers were for the day, or if it was only this one group, and I hadn't heard the MC say what the group's name was. Eventually, I noticed the poster on one of the pillars inside the store, advertising "Amatou Danshi 3illfy" (Young men that like candy instead of alcohol, Millfy). I've never heard of them before, but I guess they're another karaoke boys dancing and singing group. There's little information on them online, and the youtube link goes to just one single release.

I don't expect things to get any better for the rest of the month, either.


zillustration said...

MILFy? oofah!

TSOTE said...

It doesn't help that one of the guys uses makeup to resemble a high school girl, and another interpretation of "amatou" is "girly men"...