Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Disappointing Day

I had to go outside for shopping on Wednesday, and one of the things I needed was bread for breakfast the next morning. Generally, I have a hard-boiled egg, and two breakfast rolls, plus orange juice and a cup of coffee. Bread goes moldy fast here, so I only get enough for one or two days at a time. There are two bakeries that have good rolls for only 29 yen apiece, Shiroyama supermarket (walnut bread), and the shop in the basement of Maruya Gardens department store (raisin bread). There is a second Shiroyama location in the basement of Amu Plaza at the train station, next to Kaldi, but they don't have their own in-store bakery and they only bring in bags of five rolls from the main store (the other two places sell individual rolls). Wednesday is usually a good day for bread, since both bakeries are in full operation then.

Additionally, I needed to get some boxes of tissues, which I try to buy at Don Quixote, because they're half the price of Shiroyama, but they're located farther away, very close to Maruya Gardens, and it's kind of embarrassing to get tissue there and then carry that into Shiroyama to buy other stuff. On the other hand, I needed orange juice and eggs, which are cheaper at Shiroyama. Then again, I have my backpack, and the tissue boxes can fit in that if I want to keep them otherwise hidden, which I would when I got the juice and eggs.

So, I go to Don Quixote and get the tissue boxes. I backtrack to Shiroyama, and discover that the bakery is abandoned for the day and all the breakfast bread is sold out. I turn around and return to Don Quixote and continue past that building another 4 blocks to Maruya Gardens, but the entire department store is closed for the day for inventory. I take a risk and turn around to go up the street one mile to Amu Plaza, and sure enough, the Shiroyama store in the basement is also completely sold out of bread. There's a second, independent bakery in the basement but they only sell overpriced cinnamon rolls and sweet bean breads. They do have one tiny "demi-loaf" white bread for $1, unsliced, so I give up and get that. Overall, I've spent close to two hours with all this futzing around.

I go home and work on the computer. At 6 PM, one of the people I know sends me an email apologizing that he hadn't mentioned this before, and asks if I'd seen the rocket launch at 5:45 PM. I had gone to the top of Shiroyama hill last week to watch the launch on the 12th when it was officially scheduled, but it had been postponed for some reason, and there was no immediately announced fallback date. This makes 4 launches I've failed to see now, that I knew of in advance.

If I hadn't been outside so long searching for bread, I might have heard the promotions for the launch on the radio earlier in the day, but I had no idea the rocket had already been rescheduled. Then, I realize that I forgot to buy eggs. Sigh.

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