Monday, February 8, 2016

Flea Market, Feb. 6

Last week, we had Setsubun at the Terukuni shrine on Wednesday. Thursday afternoon, I was walking by the shrine grounds when I noticed booths and tents being set up in the parking lot, which I thought was kind of late, since the bean throwing event had already finished. Saturday, I was walking to the school to teach classes when I heard loud announcements coming from the PA in that parking lot. I swung back to the shrine during my break at 2:30, and realized that they were holding another of their flea markets that weekend.

A few other tables were selling used items and collectibles.

There were also some people selling local produce, including yummy tiny fish.

Others had old-school toys.

Plus there were booths with grilled corn, yaki soba and other foods, as well as hand-made crafts. It was fun to look at, but there was nothing I wanted to spend money on.


zillustration said...

I KNOW you need a miniature bust of Marilyn Monroe!

TSOTE said...

That's going to be resurfacing at future flea markets, so I can afford to be patient.