Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gundam Cola Cap

Coke owns Georgia Coffee, which has tied up with the Gundam anime franchise again to bring out can coffee caps in the shapes of some of the enemy giant robot heads.

I don't care for Gundam, so I wasn't planning on buying one of these caps. But, one night I needed to get change for a 1,000 yen note, and the first vending machine I tried kept spitting the bill back out. The next closest machine was this one, and I just selected the cheapest can coffee it had, and out came the can with the cap. Later, I figured that I'd try again so I'd have a full can I could more easily put the cap on and take it back off, since the empty can I now had tended to crumple if I squeezed too hard. But, the next can I bought didn't have the cap, indicating that these are random and you're not guaranteed to get one with every purchase. I guess I got lucky on the first try.

Inside the cap is a small plastic bag containing the robot's antenna ears, and a spring to get the bobble head action.

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TSOTE said...

I kept forgetting to include the following inside the blog post:

There's a slot on the top of the cap. You can use it to hold your business card, if you like.