Saturday, March 26, 2016

Neko Cafe keychain figure

Having written in the last entry that I have to pace myself in buying capsule dispenser toys, I admit that when I was in Tenmonkan, I went past a bank of dispensers and bought 2 more at the same time, two days after getting the Noh mask cell phone strap. In part this was because I could, and partly because I wanted the Rampo magnet along with the Neko (cat) Cafe keychain and I didn't want to risk having the machines disappear when I wasn't looking.

Neko Cafe consists of 6 cats dressed up as desserts, 200 yen each. Mine is a white cat treated as the whip cream filling of a pancake and cream sandwich called a dorayaki (modified as "doranyaki", where the "nya" means "meow"). It's about 2" nose to tail.

Note the cat's paw burned into the top of the pastry. There's a very similar series called "Hamu Cafe" ("hamu" is short for "hamster"). I won't be getting one of those figures, but the idea is to have hamsters sitting in coffee cups and dessert dishes.

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