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Attack on Titan, vol. 7 review

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Attack on Titan, vol. 7, Hajime Isayama. Grade: B
The members of the 104th are positioned in the branches of the trees at the perimeter of the forest, making sure none of the wild giants try to get past them. Jean and Armin speculate on what's going on, assuming that the enemy rogue giants should have tried breaking down more of the wall to enter the city. The fact that they didn't may be because something unexpected happened - such as Eren showing up as a rogue giant, too. Currently, they think that the enemy is going to target Eren. Meanwhile, at the trap, Eren and the others wonder what's happening with the female rogue. Some of them speculate that Erwin knows that there's a spy in their ranks, and that the female rogue is controlled by whoever killed the two captive giants, Sonny and Bean. The goal is to get the rogue operator alive and interrogate them. This is turning out to be difficult because she hardens her skin and breaks everyone's blades with it.

(Seems that whoever was operating the female rogue got out, disguised themselves as one of the 104th, and then started killing people with the swords.)

Suddenly, the rogue lets out a scream, which attracts all of the wild giants outside the forest. They rush in and start eating the skin of the female rogue. This generates enough steam and smoke to let the operator get out in the confusion. Erwin orders Levi's squad to escape with Eren back to town, while Levi stays with Erwin. Eren wants to stand and fight, but the squad members keep telling him to trust them. Suddenly, they encounter a regiment member hanging from his grappling cable, with the back of his neck sliced away. Someone else in a regiment outfit zips past, then turns into the female rogue.

(Eren turns into Toothy, and is angry at himself that he waited so long, given that most of the Special corp are now dead.)

The squad slices up the rogue pretty good, and it looks like they're going to win, but it heals faster than they expect and succeeds in killing everyone but Eren. Eren snaps and bites his wrist to shapeshift into Toothy. However, he keeps hesitating rather than attacking the female. He lets out a roar of frustration which alerts Levi and Mikasa to his location. The battle of the rogues is uneven, although Eren does get in a few decent punches. But, the female uses some kind of martial arts techniques against him before kicking off the top of his head. The female opens up her jaws and bites the back of Toothy's neck, pulling out Eren and then storing him in her mouth. Before she can run very far, though, Levi and Mikasa zip in and hamstring her, chop up her arm muscles and blast off the bottom of her jaw.

(Levi grabs Eren, and Mikasa follows them to get the boy back to safety. Behind them, the female rogue seems to be crying.)

Mikasa gets roughed up a bit by the female, and Levi ends up dealing out most of the damage. He grabs Eren's slumped body, and he and Mikasa fly through the trees to get back to the city walls. Behind them, the female rogue sits propped against a tree, slowing healing, and apparently crying. Some time later, Eren wakes up in the back of a wagon. He sees Mikasa, who tells him that the mission was a complete failure, and they're returning to the city in defeat, the rest of his squad dead. The civilians ask Erwin what happened to them, and one of the parents is convinced that his daughter is going to come back behind the main forces (she won't). Eren falls into despair, then notices two kids in the back of the crowd claiming that the Survey group is great because even with all the odds stacked against them, they still stand up to fight again (which is the same feeling Eren had had 5 years earlier).

Summary: Erwin Smith set up the trap in the forest specifically to capture the female rogue to determine who is operating it, and ask them who is behind him or her, and why they're doing this. Based on the evidence regarding the killings of Sonny and Bean, it has to be someone in the 104th regiment. The rogue, on the other hand, seems intent on grabbing Eren and taking him somewhere for some unknown reason. The main clue as to who is operating the rogue revolves around the way she fights. Which results in a lot of Carnage.

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